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Opportunities from around the World

The time has come to search for your dream job – and no longer is this process completed exclusively face-to-face. Of course, the need to hone your face-to-face interview skills is just as important as ever… but the search for your dream job can now be done online.

There are countless resources available to you, which enable online searches of jobs around the world. The best platforms allow you to filter the results by location, experience required and much, much more.

By using these online resources to search for jobs around the world you can improve your positioning in the selection process. You can also easily identify the jobs you should be applying for – and the ones you shouldn’t be – so you only apply for roles worth your time.

In the blog below, we have outlined how online platforms can help you to find, and apply for, the best jobs around the world.

Filter jobs according to your preferences

Most online jobs platforms enable you to apply for jobs worldwide, for free, in any industry you want. You can also use these platforms to filter the very best jobs available, depending on your preferred:

  • Employment type
  • Degree
  • Location
  • Start Date

This filtering system reduces time wasted viewing unwanted jobs… and makes your search significantly easier. Streamlining your job search in this way ensures you spend more time applying for the roles you want, and less time scrolling through the ones you don’t.

You can also search for jobs using specific keywords. For example, if you search for a company name, you will see any job roles that the organization has listed in one place.

With the right platform, your search for jobs around the world can be made significantly easier.

Apply to some of the world’s leading employers

Most of the world’s leading companies in their respective fields use online job platforms to source candidates. These businesses have realized that the world has moved on, and that job applications can now be completed virtually. Therefore, if you aren’t searching for jobs using online platforms, you are missing out.

A selection of the incredible organizations that use online job platforms include:

  • Bloomberg
  • Citi
  • Deloitte
  • Engie
  • J.P. Morgan
  • KPMG
  • Google

This is just a snapshot of the 1,000+ industry leaders that post jobs online for you to apply for. If you want to access jobs around the world, at leading companies like the ones listed above, then these online platforms can make that happen.

In addition, many of these websites regularly run virtual events and ‘job fairs’ all year round, alongside their main job searching facility. This means that you do not have to visit a company in-person to secure a role – you can get your foot in the door virtually using the online platform.

Use to apply for jobs

Highered is an invaluable platform for applying for jobs around the world. You can use our filtering system to find the best roles in your dream industry, from leading employers.

You can also use the GetHighered platform as a student or alum to attend our biannual EFMD Global Fairs by Highered. This is the ultimate event for accessing internships, jobs and graduate programs around the world – and is therefore a must-attend for aspiring talent.

Students and alumni from EFMD member schools are invited to:

  • Apply to thousands of opportunities all over the world
  • Chat with recruiters live in the virtual sphere
  • Take part in video interviews

This opportunity to apply for jobs around the world is a unique feature which, along with our many other complimentary offerings, sets Highered apart.

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