Reading Time: 2 minutes today’s students feel future-ready and adequately prepared? In a direct, rapid-fire format, talent representing EFMD schools around the world challenged panelists at the recent 2023 EFMD Annual Conference to respond to the most difficult questions on talent’s minds today.

On June 12, 2023, Highered’s Chief Talent Officer, Dr. Amber Wigmore Álvarez, moderated “The student perspective in 2023” panel at the 2023 EFMD Annual Conference which took place at Emlyon Business School in Lyon, France, attracting more than 600 attendees.

The outstanding lineup of panelists – José Esteves, Dean of Porto Business School (PT), Alejandro Ameneiro, Director of Innovation at IE Business School (ES) and Danielle García Jaramillo, Head of Talent Acquisition & Mobility Branch at Interpol (FR) – responded to the most difficult questions on talent’s minds today.

Check out the video to hear firsthand from 9 students from around the world as they share their views and questions and contrast those with the results of the 2023 Business School Career Destinations report, echoing perspectives from 3,800+ business school students and alumni.

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