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You’ve embarked on an exciting journey of learning and personal growth, and if you know it or not you have chosen an educational institution that is apart of EFMD Global.  You may have noticed an EFMD Global logo around campus but what exactly is EFMD, and how can it benefit you? Let’s explore the world of EFMD and highlight the advantages you gain through the Highered platform, which recognizes your talent and helps you shine among employers worldwide.

EFMD: Elevating Your Education and Career Prospects

The EFMD is an international membership organization that brings together leading business schools and universities worldwide. As a student or alum of an EFMD member institution, you’re part of a prestigious network that strives for excellence in business and management education. EFMD aims to foster impactful learning, support research and innovation, and promote responsible leadership.

Highered: Your Gateway to Professional Success

One of the incredible benefits you receive as an EFMD member institution student or alum is access to Highered – a cutting-edge platform designed to empower and differentiate reputable talent like you. Highered is an invaluable resource that connects you with an extensive network of recruiters, making it easier for employers to recognize your potential and offer you exciting career opportunities.

Gain Recognition with the Verification Badge

Once you verify your EFMD Global affiliation on the Highered platform, you’ll receive a badge on your profile. This badge serves as a symbol of your affiliation with a respected global network of educational institutions. It showcases your commitment to excellence and positions you as a high-performing candidate in the eyes of potential employers.

Be Discovered: Put Your Profile in the Spotlight

Highered offers a feature called “Be discovered” that allows you to maximize your visibility among recruiters worldwide. By activating this functionality, you give employers the ability to quickly identify you as a talent from an EFMD Global member institution. This puts your profile in the spotlight, increasing your chances of being noticed and considered for exciting career opportunities and events across various industries and geographies.

Unleash Your Potential and Shape Your Future

By leveraging Highered, you gain a competitive edge in the job market. The recognition you receive through the verification badge and the increased visibility provided by the “Be discovered” feature can open doors to internships, graduate programs, and full-time positions that align with your career aspirations. You have the opportunity to showcase your skills, knowledge, and dedication, all while connecting with employers actively seeking top talent like you.