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On September 12th, 50 individuals gathered from 19 countries to be awarded the Magnolia Award for their contribution to the economic and social development of Shanghai.


Among the award recipients recognized for their outstanding role in facilitating communication and international cooperation was EFMD’s CEO and Director Eric Cornuel. The Magnolia award is given to those whose projects, companies, or initiatives help support the economic and social growth of Shanghai. It is a prestigious honor and one that is rightfully presented to Eric Cornuel for his work in European Foundation for Management Development.


As many may know, EFMD is an international, non-profit membership organization of business schools and corporate members. EFMD promotes, supports, and governs the quality of management education programs and institutions and thus acts as a catalyst for promoting excellence in management development globally.


Currently, there are 53 institutions within the EFMD network in China, with 12 of them based in Shanghai. Thus, Shanghai serves as a hub for high-quality business education, contributing to knowledge generation and innovation in research and industry within the greater society of Shanghai.  


At Highered, we are doing our part as well to facilitate positive business and economic growth. With the launch of our China Highered office this year, located in Shanghai, we are actively working to connect the top talent of the EFMD network to corporate partners in Shanghai, China, and beyond. 


As Shanghai aims to develop into economic, financial, trade, shipping, and scientific and technological innovation centers with global influence, it continues to require fresh voices and talented personnel. With the contributions of EFMD as well as Highered, we hope to attract more talented personnel to Shanghai.

EFMD will strive to promote exchange and collaboration between Shanghai and the rest of the world, especially via innovative tools such as digital education services, in order to spread good Chinese business practices and promote mutual understanding and cooperation 

-Eric Cornuel, CEO and Director, European Foundation for Management Development



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