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This year’s EFMD Careers Conference was held at Toulouse Business School and
attracted more than 100 career professionals from the global EFMD school
network. Engaging discussions on strategies for connecting with #GenZ, exploring
AI’s impact on student development, and sharing best practices made this
conference truly exceptional. Connecting with colleagues from around the globe
and representing #Highered alongside my colleague Perrine Duhamel added to the
enriching experience.



Key Takeaways

The conference delved into best practices in engaging Gen Z students through
innovative strategies such as empowering student voices, tailored career
coaching, and immersive experiential learning.

AI and Career Shaping

A prevalent theme was the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on
shaping careers and their application in career services, emphasizing the need for
employers to adapt to more digital, mobile, and flexible recruitment methods.

Gen Z, in particular, showcases an interest in the innovative use of AI tools,
especially in the realms of online social networks and chatbots.

Recruitment Insights: Adapting to Gen Z Preferences

Understanding the recruitment landscape for Gen Z is crucial. They expect a
digital and mobile-friendly approach, leaning towards flexible recruitment
processes. Clear job descriptions, transparency throughout the recruitment
journey, and a desire for deep engagement with a company’s culture are key
considerations. Despite their digital immersion, Gen Z places a high value on
human connection and resourcefulness, recognizing the importance of mental
health in decision-making.


Day two featured a highly interactive “Bring your Challenge: Orchestrated
Fishbowl” session, which allowed participants to explore challenges collectively
and share diverse perspectives.

Closing Plenary

The conference concluded with an inspiring talk by TBS alumna, Eva Andre, a free
diver. Her journey and insights served as a powerful reminder of the diverse paths
that our students take and the impact of a well-rounded education.



This year’s EFMD Global Careers Conference at Toulouse Business School was a
resounding success, thanks to the collaboration of dedicated professionals,
insightful discussions, and a commitment to shaping the future of career services.


As a member of the steering committee, it was a privilege to contribute to this
enriching experience and witness the collective efforts aimed at preparing
students for successful careers in the ever-evolving global landscape. Looking
forward to more opportunities to learn, connect, and grow together with this
amazing Careers Community. As we navigate the future, adapting our approaches
to align with these insights will undoubtedly contribute to the success not only of
our career services but most importantly our talent.


Maria Moragianis
Head of Career Development & Community Engagement