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On Wednesday May 23rd, we hosted a webinar outlining how EFMD Global Career Services can support schools career services in placing students internationally. This webinar is geared towards career services professionals who are looking to expand or begin the career services repertoire for students are their business school.

We welcomed two guest speakers to share their unique perspectives. Joining the webinar was Craig Petrus, Executive Director of Career Services, Warrington College of School, University of Florida and Pratik Pattnaik, Student, Warrington College of Business, University of Florida – who gained a graduate job with Yara International using Highered.

Craig expressed that from a career service perspective the Highered platform, “It has been a great site for us, it has been a great site for our students been a great opportunity for us to increase awareness about the job outside of the United States for both our domestic students as well as our international students. ” To watch the webinar, please view the videos below.