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In the realm of career development, the School of Business, Economics, and Law at the University of Gothenburg boasts an inspiring figure – Hannah Bäcklin, a seasoned professional coach and trainer. The Highered community knows her for her recent success in hosting the impactful workshop “Map and Communicate Your Competence” as part of the Highered Online Workshop Series! 


Hannah sat down with us to share her perspectives on career innovation and how Highered plays a pivotal role in advancing her mission.


Tell us about your current role:

In my current capacity, I spearhead the implementation, development, and delivery of personal and professional development training across the nine international master’s degree programs within our school. My primary focus is on providing students with comprehensive tools and skills necessary for their sustainable employability and well-being over time.


Share your recent experience from your Highered Online Workshop 

Participating in the Highered Online Workshop, “Map & Communicate Your Competence,” was an enriching experience. It afforded me the opportunity to exchange insights on competence mapping with a diverse group of students from various Business Schools worldwide and dedicated career professionals. Contributing to individuals’ career management journeys is immensely rewarding. If I can inspire and assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and effectively communicating their strengths for fulfilling careers, it brings me great satisfaction.

What innovative career service have you recently developed for your talent? 

While I may not gauge its innovativeness, we recently transformed our integrated Career Development workshop series into a day-long event, resembling a conference with diverse tracks, keynote speakers, a recruiters’ lunch mingle, and more. This integrated approach, part of our MSc students’ curriculum, witnessed remarkable success with an impressive turnout and very positive evaluations.


How does Highered help make your role more successful? 

Our collaboration with Highered has proven invaluable. The diverse range of events, materials, and workshops available to both us as career professionals and our students enables us to stay not only relevant but also up-to-date. The platform and community around it, facilitates continuous learning and ensures that our approach to career services remains dynamic and effective.



Hannah’s dedication to advancing career development at the University of Gothenburg is truly commendable. Through her innovative approaches and the support of Highered, she continues to make a significant impact on the lives of students and professionals, shaping their paths towards fulfilling and sustainable careers.