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Hello and welcome back! We’re thrilled to have you here at Highered. Our ultimate goal is to provide you, Career Service departments with the tools you need to guide your students towards a future filled with incredible career opportunities. With our platform’s array of offerings, we’re here to make sure that your students seamlessly connect with employers, discover job prospects that align with their aspirations, access career resources, and actively engage in enriching events and career fairs.


🌐 Introducing Our New Back-to-School Marketing Package

To kickstart this academic year on a high note, we’re delighted to introduce our latest offering – the Back-to-School Marketing Package. This package is designed with you in mind, aiming to make promoting Highered to your student community an effortless and engaging endeavor.

What’s Inside the Package:

  • Pre-Made Visuals: Captivating imagery that resonates with students, highlighting the potential that Highered holds for their career journey.
  • Engaging Content: Thoughtfully crafted content pieces that articulate the advantages of using Highered in a language that speaks directly to your students.
  • Customizable Templates: Tailor-made templates that allow you to infuse your unique touch while effectively conveying the benefits of Highered.

Our collaboration is driven by a common purpose – ensuring that every student has equitable access to the promising career opportunities they deserve.

As you gear up for this academic year, we invite you to team up with us and make a significant impact on your students’ lives.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Highered community.