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Mark your calendars for a transformative event: the Google Back To School Virtual Series, set to take place on September 5th – 6th, 2023. This two-day event is a gateway to shaping your career path. But there’s more to it – Highered’s pivotal role in bridging the gap between students and Google is a game-changer you won’t want to miss!

Elevating Student Experiences

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or exploring non-technical horizons, this event is tailored for you. Picture this: you’ll dive into the dynamic world of Google through direct interactions with seasoned professionals from diverse domains. Gain firsthand insights into the tech realm, uncover challenges faced by communities, and unravel the wonders of Google’s impactful AI initiatives. Plus, you’ll unravel the mysteries of job opportunities and get an exclusive peek into Google’s recruitment process. Regardless of your background, this event is all about fostering diversity and innovation for your future.

Highered: Paving the Way to Connection

Behind the scenes, Highered is the magic that enhances the Google-student connection. Our platform links business and tech students with the corporate realm, and this partnership with Google is a testament to that.  Highered is supporting Google’s engagement with students, encouraging them to seize this unique opportunity.

Today’s Engagement, Tomorrow’s Success

This partnership speaks volumes about the evolution of talent acquisition. By engaging with students at an early stage, Google is securing its future talent pool. This collaboration isn’t just about an event; it’s a stride toward forward-thinking talent approaches.

Next steps for students

If you are interested learn more and register today for Google’s Back to School Virtual Series.