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Learn how to prepare for the 2022 Global Fairs by Highered with these tips and best practices.

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Attending the 2022 EFMD Global Fairs by Highered will give you an edge in landing that next career-kickstarting job or internship. Employers and recruiters that attend the fair are there to hire students from your school. You’ll have an amazingly simple chance to connect with them and score an interview opportunity, so here are some useful tips on making the most of it- before, during, and after the event.

1. Make it easy for recruiters to find you
Recruiters scout potential candidates during and after the event by looking through profiles just like yours. Make sure you complete all of your information to make it the easiest for them to see you and contact you!

2. Be active
The more you participate during the fair, the more visible you are to employers worldwide. Join as many webinars and conferences as possible. Ask questions and interact with the speakers in the live chat, and don’t forget to start conversations – all this boosts your chances to make an impact and be spotted!

3. Have your CV ready for inspection 
The CV Clinics, hosted live twice every day (9:00-10:00 and 16:00-17:00 CEST), are an excellent opportunity for you to make sure your CV is as best as it can be. Make sure you join the sessions – each of them is different, based on resumes shared by participants, so each session comes with more tips and secrets you can apply to polish your CV.

4. Show up prepared
Online fairs don’t mean you should show up less prepared. Remember: It’s the recruiter’s job to judge you, and your first impression can make or break your chances at a job. So, turn your camera on and make sure you’re dressed nicely and professionally. The adage “dress for the job you want” is perfectly adapted to a virtual fair.

5. Time your appearances
In a virtual fair, time is valuable. Two companies host their rooms simultaneously, and you won’t be able to booth-hop as in in-person events. Check the schedule beforehand and choose the events that will benefit you the most. If two recruiters are open and available at the same time, select the one you think you’d be the best fit for.

6. Research beforehand
You’re in front of a recruiter and you’ve got their attention. Now what? Don’t let your nerves get the best of you, and don’t let the recruiter explain their entire history company to you. You don’t want to waste valuable time asking questions that can be answered on their website or with a quick online search, and chances are recruiters don’t want that either. This shows a lack of initiative and of genuine interest in the company. Be proactive instead.

7. Secure your chances
Once the virtual fair is over, make sure to get back to the recruiter and remind them who you are. As you re-introduce yourself, make sure you include a callback to something specific you talked about, so they’ll have an easier time remembering you.


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