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The University of St Gallen shines with the presence of Dominique Gobat, a distinguished senior career advisor, celebrated for his pivotal role in guiding MBA students through their career transitions. Dominique, known for his expertise and dedication, recently led a session in the Highered Online Workshop Series titled “Business Dating: Building & Nurturing Professional Relationships.” This workshop not only captivated participants with its engaging content but also underscored the importance of professional networking in today’s dynamic career landscape. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here:

In a candid conversation with us, Dominique unveils his insights on the evolving role of career services, the impact of technological advancements like AI in career counseling, and how the Highered network has been instrumental in enriching his professional toolkit.


Tell us about your current role.

In my current role, I am one of two senior career advisors working with the University of St Gallen’s full-time MBA. I support students in their career transition. My role consists of a blend of workshops, one-on-one sessions and, in some cases, corporate relations, specifically in the areas of hiring and projects. I work with them from understanding their professional identity, researching options, exploring, and networking, and onto the more technical elements – LinkedIn, CVs, cover letters, interviewing, negotiation and transitioning into a new role.


Share your recent experience from your super successful Highered Online Workshop: Business Dating: Building & Nurturing Professional Relationships.

Loved It! What more can I say!? Great turnout, excellent discussion and questions, and on a topic that is so important for all professionals whether starting their career or in the twilight of their career. People, the people we know, are the main pillar in creating opportunities, and how we manage those relationships is key. The ageless saying, “It is not what you know, but who you know, that counts.” is so true, and even more so in a world where technology has created the possibility for anybody and everybody to apply to jobs from anywhere in the world.



Have you noticed any reluctance among your students to engage in networking activities following the Covid pandemic?

No. On the contrary, since Covid, students are eager to get out and build professional relationships. However, industry professionals tend to opt for a virtual chat before meeting in person. Has this led to more initial exploratory chats online vs before is a difficult question to answer. But one thing is for sure, in-person human interaction still trumps virtual hands down.


What innovative career service have you recently developed for your talent?

Probably the biggest innovation is the use of AI. Whereas many people shy away from it for fear of being “replaced”, I see it as a powerful tool to elevate the career sessions. A second pair of “eyes” when checking keywords on a LinkedIn profile, CV or cover letter. A sparring partner when doing interview prep. An additional perspective when thinking of ideas around data mining using Boolean search (which is an important element of networking). AI has the power to take the career advisor to an elevated level. When using AI in my sessions, the students are often amazed by the additional value that they walk away with.


How does Highered help make your role more successful?

The exchange with other career professionals is worth gold! I cannot emphasise this enough. Sharing knowledge, tips and tricks with peers at other universities, and hearing about their challenges allows me to keep our situation in perspective while getting ideas as to how to best support our students.



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